When We Were Very Young

"When We Were Very Young" looks at the things my parents have saved in relation to their three children, Elizabeth (born in 1987) Beatriz (me, born in 1997) and Edward (born in 2000). I have taken these things (in the form of photographs, objects and recorded video footage) and created a timeline from around 1987, when my sister was born, until 2004, when my younger brother was four, I was seven and my sister was seventeen.

For me as the creator, the final product is ultimately a projection of longing for my early childhood, for the sense of stability and continuity in everything around me, and the childlike view of the world that I've lost as I've grown and entered my adult life. Looking at these memories that my parents so eagerly documented has made me appreciate how precious and important time is. This film, to me, is a reminder that time is fleeting – but it's also a form of escapism, because, in a world that's always changing, it's oddly comforting to look back on times when everything felt like it would stay the same.

"When We Were Very Young" addresses a longing for a way to go back to one's childhood. The project aims to remind its audience of their own early lives and to appreciate life and all its quirks and charms, while simultaneously addressing the small fears everyone has about growing up and getting older.

New York Sound

The City Sounds project is an ongoing photographic series investigating life in some of the world’s largest cities. I have created photographs of sound data being converted into an image file using 10 second sound recordings taken within New York and London (so far). The project is a comment on day to day modern life within large cities, and uses the digital medium as a form of expression to represent advanced technologies used in large metropolises.

New York, March 2016

London, October 2016 (coming soon)

Elizabeth Welch Glass

Commercial work for Elizabeth Welch Glass, 2016.